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Jack Zullo belts a song with band leader, Crazzy Tomes
Set Still for Post Apocalyptic Film

Jack Zullo is a bi-lingual, award winning actor and improvisor. He's New York City born and raised and currently based in Brooklyn. He's stage method and on camera trained, comedy strong and sings with a bluesy baritone grit.

He has years of experience honing his skill, bringing nuanced depth to both his comedy and dramatic performances while striving to bring a relatable, genuine nature to the stage and screen.

Jack's commitment to his craft and adaptability serve him well on the job, whether working with first timers or seasoned professionals. He invests in those around him to better understand their strengths and weakness.

He continues to digest acting as a lifelong learning process, eager to continue his growth and evolution as an artist through continued education within the entertainment world and by living a well rounded eclectic life.

Jack thrives in collaborative environments, effectively communicating with directors and fellow cast and crew members to enhance the storytelling process.

He's a magnetic presence who captures the audience's attention on stage or on screen and his charisma and ability to command attention contribute to his overall impact from the development phase of a project through the festival circuit and red carpet.​

Jack Zullo has the talent and skill to become a notable performer. His unique style and ability make him a noteworthy addition to a project.


Hire Jack. Find out.

Recent Bookings:
SAG Indie
"Richard III"
Directed by Christopher Carter Sanderson

Equity Staged Reading and Showcase
"Le Chat Noir"

Written by Nancy Mcclernan

Equity Staged Reading
Outta Bounds Productions

Recent Nominations:

Broadway World: Off Broadway Region

  • Best Performance in a Musical

  • Best Production of a Musical

  • Best New Play


  • Sondra Lee (Contemporary Stage Method)

  • Keith Johnstone (Impro)

  • The Actor's Gang w Cynthia Ettinger  (The Style) 

  • Westside Comedy Theater's Improv Track.

  • Actor's Comedy Studio On Camera Workshops

  • AIA  Actor's Studio On Camera Workshops

  • One on One NYC On Camera Workshops

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Set Still from Independent Short Comedy Film The Snitch
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